11 x 14

A Collection of Paintings by Kathleen Yonkin

11x14 is a size that makes up this entire show. The whole idea behind this exhibition is to have a collection of just acrylic paintings that were created over the last year. This collection shows my growth and development as an artist, I started this project wanting to become a better painter by using new techniques and really trying to figure out who I am as a painter. I drew my inspiration from the things that I enjoy, the people that I met, and the places that I have went to and places that I have dreamed of going. Kathleen Yonkin is a artist that was born in the state of Pennsylvania where she was taught and began her development of skills as an artist. She now lives in Johnson City where she still works on developing her skills and techniques as an artist by the people that she meets and ones she seeks out to learn from.

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