Rod Serling Symposium

 The Rod Serling Archive at The Bundy Museum Presents 

IN THE ZONE: Rod Serling in Radio/An Evening of “Old Time Radio” 

Saturday, May 4 2019 6:00PM

The Bundy Museum’s Annex Theater

(Located behind the Museum)

$5.00 Suggested Donation

Hosted by: Mike Pipher (Rod Serling Archivist/Historian)

 Special Guests: Johnny & Helen Holmes

 Part I:

Program will include rare radio clips of Rod Serling as an Actor from the 1946 radio series:

Return to Society: "Stolen Radio" (6min)

In 1946, while a student at Antioch College in Ohio, Rod Serling was sent to WNYC radio in New York City as an apprentice.  One of his jobs was to act in juvenile leads for a radio series titled THE RETURN TO SOCIETY. In this weekly series, Serling would act as a young man involved in a different crime each week. We will present only his acting segments. The rest of the program would be with a real judge, prison warden and social worker discussing how to best rehabilitate this juvenile if at all possible.  

A 30 minute full radio program written by Rod Serling

It Happens to You (The Human Comedy) "You'll be the Bad Guy"

Narrated by Peter Grant

There are only 2 vintage radio shows written by Rod Serling that are known to exist. The Rod Serling Archive at the Bundy Museum is pleased to have both in our collection.

Part II:

Special Guests Johnny & Helen Holmes provide a sampling of two episodes from the Golden Age of Radio in their presentation of “An Evening of Old Time Radio”.


The Bundy Museum features Rod Serling: In The Zone throughout the year. Topics range from baseball, wartime, Binghamton's influence on Serling's work, time travel, and more. In The Zone admission is free. Sign up here for the museum's monthly newsletter to learn about upcoming events. 

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