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The Screenwriting Biz Film Series

Most people take screenwriting for granted. These films will show just how hard it is to be a working screenwriter and how great the rewards can be. From the Studio System to writing on spec, this film series shows the art and business of screenwriting. It presents the struggles that screenwriters face when trying to write; dealing with writer’s block, screenplay readers, directors, producers, agents, and others while remaining sane and solvent. 


White Hunter, Black Heart by Clint Eastwood (March 12)
A screenwriter works with a director who is mad about hunting and making a film in Africa. They go on safari to hunt. Along the way they write a screenplay and prepare to make a film in Africa. It is a constant tension of whether the film will be made or not.
Paris When It Sizzles by Richard Quine (April 9)
This anti film to Sunset Boulevard, shows an established screenwriter living the high life until he’s got to write a screenplay for a producer. A romantic comedy that shows the lighter side of screenwriting.

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