Welcome To the Bundy Radio Blog

Welcome to the Bundy Radio Blog!

The Bundy Museum, Binghamton, NY

The Bundy Museum, Binghamton, NY


We are so thrilled here at the Bundy Museum to welcome you to another new aspect of WBDY-LP. WBDY is a non-commercial, independent, community radio station located in Binghamton, NY and a project of the Bundy Museum of History and Art.

Our Mission

The radio has a mission. That is, to promote the Broome County area’s vibrant arts and music community; explore our area’s unique history and culture; assist our communities bringing good into the world; and act as a platform and creative outlet for the Binghamton community.

Our Goal

Our primary goal is to cultivate a “community radio ethos.” To be able to foster a community where people are empowered to think, act, speak, and explore with others out-loud for the betterment of themselves and their neighbors.

With you as listeners, supporters and underwriters we are able to use the positive power of radio to create community, foster creativity, encourage civic engagement, explore the vast depths of human knowledge, and create a more socially and economically just world.

Our Programming

We offer an incredibly diverse and varietal mix of programming, including local music and interviews with artists and community leaders, as well as locally recorded programming. We also assist live venues with live recording and production, and help promote overlooked events throughout our area with WBDY-LP partners.

We also love our Bundy Radio Hour — replete with local voices and their stories and talents. We are an affiliate of the Pacifica Network and broadcast a variety of enriching programs from fellow affiliates. Keep your ear out for new BRH specials coming up, such as band interviews and unplugged and plugged music, and more. New shows, new interviews too!

Thanks for listening and reading!

If you’re a business owner, keep your eye out for our next posting on how to become a Bundy Radio Underwriter. To all others, again welcome to our blog, and we hope to see you back here again, and remember to keep listening to 99.5 WBDY-LP Radio all day, every day.

Written by Colin Wood