Local Programs Featured on WBDY

Bundy Radio Hour

8am M-F and Saturdays at 6pm. Rebroadcasts same day, other than Sunday, at 6pm

WBDY-LP’s daily morning arts, culture, and history information and events broadcast. Hear interviews about upcoming events with performers, artists, and local cultural leaders; recordings from community programs like Hungry Ear, Chrysalis, and Perspectives on Broome County History Conference; and learn about the Binghamton-area’s rich history. You’ll also hear WBDY-LP community report-backs and new program information and previews. The Bundy Radio Hour prioritizes organizations and events that are too often overlooked or underrepresented, so if you’d like us to consider recording and/or airing your community event, or interviewing someone from your organization, email andy@bundymuseum.org. Community radio means community on WBDY-LP and Bundy Radio Hour! Check out episodes on the WBDY-LP SoundCloud page.

Poetry in Commotion

Tuesdays 10am and Sunday at noon

In her morning hour of Poetry in Commotion, poetess and writer Brenda Cave-James shares her original tales and poems of love, family, culture and politics. She weaves backstories of the same with her other passion: the under-realized Black history of Binghamton and beyond, including the Underground Railroad. Brenda also reintroduces the works and lives of well and lesser-known poets from the great Harlem Renaissance period: the agonizing and exciting 1920’s. Check out episodes on the WBDY-LP SoundCloud page by clicking here.

Halfway to Jackson

Wednesdays at 11am and 10pm, and Saturdays at 3pm

If you like Roots Rock and Americana music, even just a little bit, Halfway to Jackson is the show for you. Each episode of Halfway to Jackson will take you on a musical journey through the genre, with tons of tidbits and inside takes about this musical style. Join local musician Jackson, your host, as he shares his 40 year passion for this musical style. Each week is a trip through the history of the genre and highlights hot new artists breaking into the field. This is not your typical car-radio country music! Rather, each episode will take you on a musical journey to some of the best music you’ve never heard! Take a trip to the twang factory with Halfway to Jackson on WBDY-LP 99.5 FM.


The Main Drag

Saturdays at 10pm

Serving the lesser Binghamton-area's content needs for over one hundred years, WBDY's Main Drag (Saturdays at 9 PM) combines local reportage with a space/time-spanning musical massage to help get you through your long Saturday nights spent listening to the radio. Stepping into the shoes of legendary local DJ Gacy Kasem (R.I.P.), Endicott native Eriksen Goetz brings a fresh millennial outlook, one which he is definitely willing to tone down if it becomes a problem.  


After Hours

Fridays at 10pm

Excluding only the most popular music, After Hours has been called both “eclectic” and “nonsense.”  I'm your host, Jacob, and perhaps you listeners out there can enable my compulsive music buying habits!  Give me a listen and you might be surprised. Or learn something. If you've ever heard punk and bluegrass played back to back we've probably crossed paths. This is very much a show that could only exist on community radio. If you're reading this community radio website, perhaps you're the kind of listener I'm looking for.