Carriage House Annex

Located behind the Bundy Mansion, the Bundy Annex (formerly a carriage house) is home to the STBA Hall of Fame, the Vintage Barbershop Exhibit and the 1893 World’s Fair Booth Exhibit.


Rod Serling Archive

Honoring local resident and nationally renowned writer, Rod Serling.

It’s about time! The bundy time recorder clock exhibit

This permanent exhibit showcases the museum’s collection of time-recording clocks in a life-sized recreation of the Bundy Manufacturing Company’s 1893 World’s Fair booth. An illustrated timeline follows the growth of the company up to the inception of IBM.

Vintage barbershop

A complete 1930’s Barbershop that once stood only two blocks from the IBM factory in Endicott, NY.

stba hall of fame

Celebrating the rich history of Southern Tier Broadcasting.


annex theater

A large and exquisite space available for private and community events.