The Bundy Museum Presents


Reaching Into Darkness: An Exploration of Dark Thoughts


Art by Jerry Macdonell



Opening Reception October 4 2019 6:00PM – 9:00PM

Located in the Bundy Museum’s 3rd Floor Art Gallery

Exhibition on Display from 10.4 – 10.29

Admission to Art Gallery is Always Free Tuesday - Saturday 11-5PM


Live Music by Phil McGovern (6pm-8pm) and Mike Burrell (7pm-9pm) with 1 hour musician crossover jam from 7- 8pm

From the Artist:

“Reaching Into Darkness” toes the line of disturbing imagery, dipping into strange dreams, shadows in the night and untold dark thoughts. I say “toe the line” because I think that each of us have restrained dark places that we bury. Either morbid curiosities or thoughts that sometimes creep us out and make us wonder how we could ever come up with them. Fleeting thoughts that come and go over time; from picturing the possibilities of horrible accidents, war, famine or disease to dark moments that depression can bring to the rationalization that angry moments, when uncontrolled, can end very badly. It’s always healthier to let them out in a safe manner for discussion and consideration than it is to bury them and pretend they don’t exist at all.

Jerry Macdonell - Bio

Self-taught regional artist and Vestal, NY resident, exploring multiple mediums including acrylics, oils, 3D rendering, computer animation, video and stop-motion animation on a professional basis since 2000. He has been creating works that have been displayed Broome, Tioga and Stuben Counties in New York and in Montrose, Pennsylvania. He also co-painted a mural, “Clinton Street: Past and Present”, on the corner of Clinton Street and Front Street in Binghamton, NY through grants from the Neighborhood Development Project Fund and the Broome County Arts Council. He has participated in live painting events since 2013 in the Broome County area, including live art exhibitions in conjunction with QuarterYellow Studios and gallery events in 2014 for Fear of Art.

Music Performances by:

Phil McGovern (6pm-8pm) - Guitarist and electronic composer who creates atmospheric soundscapes that ebb and flow between soothing ambient and jarring noise rock. He's played with many renowned musicians in a variety of genres. Current projects include Thoughts as Devices, Matthew Cornwell & L'Bonti and Were Before.

Mike Burrell (7pm-9pm) - local veteran musician, playing guitar, bass & vocals projects that supported Joan Jett, Bob Marley's Wailers & Helmet. His current projects: Thoughts as Devices (rock); Last Cabal (Rap); BaLU (Russian Rap).