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Big World Small Wonders

by Albert White

Albert White, A Mohawk Indian, has been following the traditions of recording and sharing the history of his people all his life. Born in Binghamton, he attended San Francisco Art Institute and graduated with honors from The Maryland Institute of Art. In 1975 he joined the American Indian Movement. Through this involvement he has seen and preserved, in paintings and memories, the struggles resulting in the resurgence of Indian pride and prominence.


As an artist his paintings reflect sensitivity and power in wildlife, people and the land. His art work has been shown in venues across the country, and is in the permanent collections of

major institutions. He has served as an exhibitor; lecturer and teacher in many prestigious locations, among them are Mansfield University, Harvard University, and the Iroquois Indian Museum.

The legends and evolving history of Native Americans come alive in Albert's storytelling presentations. Many hundreds of people throughout Broome County, New York, and the nation have benefited by experiencing Native American Dancing, music and children's games all passed down through eons of generations.

A fire ravaged his home in 2006, destroying everything but his spirit and a profound belief in following a spiritual and useful life. Albert's goal remains to continue a cultural sharing, planting the seeds of understanding for the future ... and expanding the knowledge of the true story of Native American Indians.

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